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Green Leaves


Holistic Treatments

Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

A deep massage to ease away and relieve tension, a must have if you suffering from shoulder, neck or lower back pain.

Back, Neck and shoulders / 30 mins £24

Full Body / 1 hour (yours choice which areas we concentrate on within the hour) £35

Aromatherapy Massage

Your skin is treated to the incredible sensation of warm aromatic oil. it will melt away stresses and leave your body feeling renewed and totally relaxed.

Back, neck and shoulders / 30 mins £24

Full Body / 1 hour £35

Hot stones Massage

Heated, smooth stones are placed in key points of the body during this treatment. The heat improves circulation and warms the body muscles penetrating the essential oils deep into your skin. Reduces tension and calms the nervous system. 

Back, neck and shoulders / 45 mins £30

Full body / 75 mins £50

Mother to be Treatment

This nurturing treatment will help to preserve your skin tone, whilst relieving tension from those aching muscles, it will help lighten your legs and brighten your complexion to ensure you look radiant.

Back, neck and shoulders / 45 mins £30

Full Body / 75 mins £50

Indian Head Massage / 30 mins £30

This treatment will really calm your mind and is deeply relaxing, with firm gentle rhythm. It helps relieve muscular aches and tension as well as calming the spirit and improving circulation to help with clear thinking.

Aroma Foot Relief / 30 mins £30

Hot towels impregnated with essential oils relax the foot and lower leg before a stimulating warm massage oil is applied, with a unique reflex point massage. Circulation is stimulated and excess fluids are dispersed leaving your feet feeling amazing. 

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